Overnight Swiss Ac Tents Stay with White Water Rafting

 on the Kundalika River, Kolad, Maharashtra, India

 Luxury Swiss Tents at Kundalika, Kolad

These tents are the best option if you want to have a Unique experience and completely enjoy your Kundalika River Rafting experience at Kolad


Day one:
04:00 pm Check in

Complimentary Activities Like

ATV Quad Bike Ride


Cricket, Football

09:00 pm Evening Get Together with Music and Dinner


Day Two:

07:30 am Breakfast

08:00 am Proceed to the Rafting start point & Rafting briefing followed by River Rafting

Long Run White Water River Rafting of 12 Km with 10 Rapids for about 2 Hours

01:00 pm Back to Campsite

01:30 pm Lunch

03:00 pm Check-Out with Fond Memories

Price :


Rs 2,100 per person for Weekdays (Includes River Rafting), 10 Sharing Basis

Rs 2,400 per person for Weekdays (Includes River Rafting), 4-5 Sharing Basis



Rs 2,800 per person, 10 Sharing Basis for Weekends (Includes River Rafting)


Rs 3,100 per person, 4-5 Sharing Basis for Weekends (Includes River Rafting)


For more information about the accommodation please fill in the inquiry form on the left

Or Call 9967591613 or email raftinginquiry@gmail.com

Completely Waterproof Luxury Ac Tents

Sit out areas at Kundalika Camps at Kolad Rafting Site

Individual Sit-out outside Each Tent

Luxury Tents at Kolad

Western Toilets and Bath in Each Tent







Ask locals directions to RAVALJE DAM

Kundalika Rafting in Kolad

Kundalika Rafting in Kolad

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