How far is Kolad from Mumbai/Pune ?

  • Mumbai – Approx 125 kms/3 hrs away, on the Mumbai – Goa Highway.
  • Pune – Approx 110 kms/3 hrs away, taking the Mulshi-Ville Route.
  • The best option is to self drive or hire a vehicle, there are no public transport options readily available. You can also catch a train from Mumbai to Panvel. Once you reach Panvel station you can hop onto a sumo to Kolad or any ST bus going towards Mahad. You can also look up local trains heading towards Ratnagiri and get off at Kolad station.


Is transport included?

  • No, none of the trips for Kolad have any transfers included.


How do we get from the end point to the start point?

  • By rickshaws(Rs. 600 approx.)/Drivers( Rs. 300 approx.)


How far is the end point to the start point?

  • 20 km(by road) – approx 30 min


How far is the highway from the end point?

  • 5 km – approx 10 min




What grade rapids?

  • Grade 2-3


Is it safe?

  • Rafting is an extreme sport, We practice maximum safety operating procedures, and try to the best of our ability to avoid mishaps.


My dad/friend is a heart patient, Can he Raft?

  • He can but he may not. Being an extreme sport, we don’t suggest Rafting for Heart Patients, Pregnant women, and those with extreme Motion Sickness. Nominal physical fitness is a prerequisite.


What is the height/Weight or age required to raft? 

  • Minimum height: 4 ft 6”; Maximum weight: 120 kgs. 14 year olds and above.


Is it a good time to raft?

  • Rafting is a dam controlled activity in Kolad, the water levels are the same throughout the year.


How many people in a raft?

  • Min 4 – Max 8


What time should we report for Rafting? | Can we come later?

  • 08:00 am at the Rafting start point. | No, since rafting happens only once a day when the dam releases water.


How long is the course? How much time does it take?

  • It’s a 11 km stretch, takes about 2-2.5 Hrs




Is jain food available?

  • Yes


What food will we get in the trips with meals?

  • Maharashtrian cuisine cooked by the homestay members and served as a buffet.


Are there any restaurants around?

  • Yes, Prabhakars at Kolad Naka,  Aniket’s for fish, Maratha Palace, Royal garden, Punjabi Dhaba.




What kind of accommodation do you provide?

  • Kolad is equipped with campsites, homestays, farmstays and Riverside Bungalows for accommodation options. Kolad experiences power cuts. Generator backups will be possible for a minimum of 30 -60 min and a max time as per the availability of fuel & the discretion of the accommodation. Luxury seekers can be assisted with resorts 40 kms before Kolad


Are there provisions for Campfires in the accommodation?

  • Yes. Some accommodation options also offer barbecues to enhance the camping experience.


Is it safe in the outdoors?

  • While in the outdoors its possible to sight rodents, snakes, scorpions, insects etc. We recommend & request to keep your rooms/tents shut, avoid food being left open and unattended. Do wear floaters or closed shoes while walking around the premises, carry & use a flashlight especially while moving around at night.




How do I book?

  • Via email, let us know you want to book your trip with your trip requirement, You will receive a booking link to process the payment via credit/debit card. Check|Cash deposit option available too.


Can I make payments after reaching there?

  • We have a 100% advance payment policy.




What happens if I cancel the booking? Will I get a refund?

  • Refunds on cancellation will be made based on Operator discretion as mentioned below
  • 95% Refund for cancellations made 10 days prior to arrival
  • 50% Refund for cancellations made between 10 days to 5 days prior to arrival
  • No Refunds for cancellations made after 5 days prior to arrival
  • No Refunds for No-Show




Are there lockers at the rafting start point?

  • No, Please avoid carrying valuables


Are there changing | washrooms at the rafting start point/ end point?

  • Not the ones you’d expect. It’s a very basic setup.


How is the weather in Kolad?

  • Similar to Mumbai/Pune, though scenic and more pleasant in the mornings and evenings


What to carry?

  • Lightweight Quick Dry clothing- tshirt & shorts, Towel, Toiletries, Water Bottle, Cap/Hat for the sun, Sunscreen,Sunglasses, Change of clothes, Personal medication if any.